Fresh Baked Treats

Every morning and through out the day we bake cakes and treats for your four-legged friends. Using the highest quality ingredients and a shared love of dogs, our fresh baked treats are perfect for that special occasion.


Soft Baked

Collie Cannoli
woofie pie
Woofie Pie

Hard Baked

roll overs
Gracie's Rollovers
peanut mutter
Peanut Mutter Cookies

Every Day Treats

We have a wide selection of every day treats so you can show your pup the love they deserve all the time!

begals treatsBeg-als
pb&j treatsPB&J Bites
itty bitty treatsItty Bitty Bones
quiche treatsQuiche Bites
assort mutts treatsAssort"Mutt" Trio

Visit our bakery to see what fresh seasonal items our pastery chefs are putting together!